Baby Lounger & Baby Nest Co Sleeper for Newborn Portable Bassinet Bed Soft Cotton Easy to Clean Babies Crib Large Size(0…

More space: There are 2 cute ropes at the end of YGJT baby nest. After loosening the rope, it can make more room, enough to accommodate tall baby and babies up to 12 months old.Suitable for ordinary newborns after closing the rope. Meticulous care: The soft side outer ring can be used as a baby pillow or to support a baby's arm. At the same time, It can effectively prevents children from hitting the crib rails while rolling,thus avoiding pain. Easy to clean and quality materials: Use high-grade cotton that is harmless to the human body. After opening the hidden zipper, you can remove the cushion and place it in the washing machine for easy cleaning and keep the bacteria away from the baby.

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