Bed Buddy Bed Rails for Toddlers, Kids, Adults and Baby Bed. Easy Install Plus Easy Carry Travel Bag. Kids Stay Put…

KEEP WIGGLY KIDS IN PLACE WITH A GENTLE TOUCH: The Bed Buddy is designed as a passive safety reminder that provides gentle resistance when a child touches it in their sleep. This provides a subconscious indication that the edge is near and causes the sleeping child to stop or move away. UNIQUE SNUGSAFE DESIGN: The Bed Buddy is the ONLY bed rail bumper with the unique SnugSafe Design that will keep even the wiggliest toddlers safe and snug in their bed. The unique steep peak shape together with the 4 ½ inch height is less prone to roll over than the traditional smooth semi-circle design of other bed bumpers. QUICK & EASY INSTALL: Simply place the Bed Buddy on top of the mattress or mattress pad and cover with a fitted sheet (works best with deep fitted sheets). Unlike traditional bedrails, it takes only seconds to set up!

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